Staff Picks - Inger
Inger Berg, Marketing Manager for the Paul Mitchell® brand, is a beauty guru! With ten years of experience in the industry and a passion for hair, makeup and fashion, we knew she’d have great tips to share. Here she reveals her best-kept hair secret, dishes on her styling essentials and more.

What’s your best-kept hair secret?

NeuroHot rollers! I love the Neuro Cell. I never have time to do my hair and I always wake up with the worst case of bed head. With the Cell, I simply set it and forget it. I remove the rollers before I walk out the door and have the bounciest, most beautiful runway curls.

What product do you reach for when you need your style to stay put from morning till night?

IngerI need something quick and easy, so I love Stay Strong®. It instantly tames annoying flyaways and holds my style all day. I retouch my hair with
Dry Wash to make my look last days longer.

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What’s one hair rule all women should break?

All of them! There are no rules when it comes to trying something new or different. It’s all about confidence. If you love it, rock it!

Have any tips to change up your look for the new year?

TwitterGet into a salon ASAP! A new hairstyle can completely transform your look. Fringe is the easiest way to get a quick transformation and hair color is a great option too. Check out this year’s hottest color trends by searching hashtag #coloroftheyear. See what sparks your interest for a switch.

What do you enjoy most about working for Paul Mitchell?

I love working for a company that is aligned with my passion. Paul Mitchell not only stands for beauty, but also for the empowerment of good in the world and towards people.


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