Staff Picks - Melanie
Melanie Benszuweit is our Project Manager for New Product Development. Whether she’s leading team meetings at our corporate office, conducting confidential field tests or compiling feedback for our chemists, her contributions help bring our newest innovations to life. Here’s what she had to say about her hair, favorite products and Paul Mitchell® perks. PM labs illustration

What’s your favorite product line and why?

Paul Mitchell Curls! I especially like Spring Loaded Frizz-Fighting Shampoo and Twirl Around® because they smell good and work well on my fine hair. Twirl Around is amazing because all I have to do is scrunch it into my hair while it’s wet and let it air dry for soft, defined curls. There is no other product like it.

What do you love most about your hair?

Since orange is my favorite color, I’d have to say my hair color. However, I also like my second-day hair. I never use a blow dryer so my hair tends to be a bit flat after it dries. But, by the second day, the volume is perfect.the color

Staff Picks - Melanie

What products do you use to style your second-day hair?

I am addicted to Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Shine Spray! Texturizing Sea Spray® is great too. It refreshes my tired waves and adds a little extra volume, which I love.

Do you have any styling tips or tricks you’d like to share?

Sometimes I revive my style using a few spritzes of Super Strong® Liquid Treatment. I target areas of my hair that have become flat to accentuate the waves.

What’s the biggest perk as a member of the Paul Mitchell team?

I have the privilege of getting my hair colored every six weeks in our Product Innovation Center by our amazing team of stylists.


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