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Chris Barry is an IT Support Specialist for Paul Mitchell® and a total MITCH® man. We asked him to share the story behind his style, his advice for guys who want to change their look, and of course, his favorite products.

Do you have a daily styling routine?

I take the "whatever gets me out of the door fastest in the morning" approach to styling my hair. For me, that means using Double Hitter® 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner and then applying a bit of Clean Cut® to almost-dry hair. It's simple, quick and gives me the exact look I like. I prefer a matte look and Clean Cut is perfect for that.

How did you develop your signature look?

In high school I spiked up my hair as part of a Halloween costume and went, "Hey, that's not so bad..." Over time, it's morphed from spiked straight up and shiny to my current faux hawk.

Do you have any advice for style-challenged guys?

My advice would be, if you're thinking about switching up your style, go for it. Don't do it yourself, though—go see your local Paul Mitchell professional. Trust me on this.

Does that advice come from personal experience?

I tried to dye my hair blonde once, and it ended up bright orange. Someone told me that if I tried to dye it back, all of my hair would fall out. I didn't know any better so I left it orange for two months. Let's just say that wasn't a good look for me.


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