Staff Picks - Anja
Anja Schrewe was hired as a consultant for our company in 2009. As European Director of Business Development, she lives in Germany and works with Paul Mitchell’s European distributor partners to service 48 countries. We asked Anja to give us the lowdown on her style, top product picks and fashion trends.

How would you describe your look?

I used to work in the fashion industry and being “in style” Anja's Quote was important. However, my wardrobe is now filled with lots of clothes that I’ve had for years. I have developed my own style focusing on higher quality basics and touching them up with trendy accessories.

What inspires your style?

Royal fashion starting in the 90s. I think female European and Asian Royals have excellent styles that highlight their personalities.

What’s the best piece of hair advice you’ve ever received?

I finally know why there is a cool air button on the Express Ion Dry®! It makes the round brush result last longer. Use the setting to let hair cool off on the brush before unrolling it. Cold button illustration

Staff Picks - Anja

What are your go-to
Paul Mitchell products?

I love Awapuhi Wild Ginger® HydroCream Whip® for styling because it gives me the perfect hold and leaves my hair shiny and silky. Fast Form® is great too. I love the smell and the different styles it easily creates.

What are the hot trends in Europe right now?

I am happy to report that black and white is an absolute must-have for fall/winter 2013.
Obviously, Paul Mitchell is way ahead of the game for this trend!


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