Summer Travel: Styling Tips for Men and Women

Whether summer travel means road-tripping to your favorite coastal city or jet-setting to Morocco, there is no reason to sacrifice style. In fact, what better time to look and feel your best than when getting some R&R? Take your style on the road this summer with these style and product recommendations from two pros.


Chris W BorderFor Paul Mitchell pro stylist Chris Hogg, travel style is all about versatility. He arms his male guests with a few sure-bet MITCH® products that offer styling options for various occasions and won’t weigh down their luggage.  




MITCH Double Hitter® 2.5 oz.: This 2-in-1 cleanser washes and conditions in one step which means you only have to pack one bottle.  

MITCH Reformer®: A MITCH fan-favorite, this matte texturizer is perfect for a daytime look. Create a messy, undone style with heavy texture by applying Reformer to your fingers and working the product into your hair from the back to the front.

Texture 2

MITCH Clean Cut®: I recommend men pack Clean Cut in addition to Reformer to get a polished look for evening occasions. This styling cream has a semi-matte finish and a medium hold, which is perfect for clean styles with refined texture and shine.  



Sam W Border (1)

For Paul Mitchell pro stylist Samantha Ploskonka, travel style means minimal time spent primping so there’s more time for relaxation, exploration and experiences. Here are her must-have products and suggested travel styles for ladies:




Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Texturizing Sea Spray®: A vacation-style must-have, Texturizing Sea Spray will give you hair an effortless lived-in look with minimal effort. Spray onto wet hair and let air dry to create texture and separation, then create a half-up top knot. Take a horseshoe section of hair from the top of the head, split it into two pieces and tie the sections into a knot. Position the knot where you want it to sit on the head and then tie the section into another knot. Wrap the loose ends around the knot and pin into place. Finish with a few final spritzes of Texturizing Sea Spray on the length of your hair for a beachy, tousled effect.


Dry Wash®: I always recommend packing Dry Wash because it allows you to prolong your style for a few days, so you spend less time prepping your hair and more time enjoying your vacation. For daytime, wear your hair in a simple French braid (or two!) and at night, enjoy the wavy textured when you release your hair. Use Dry Wash to create addition texture and volume.


Awapuhi Wild Ginger Finishing Spray™: This touchable hold hairspray is a great companion for nearly any vacation, as it provides UV protections and humidity resistance. Lock in all of your styles with this style must-have!


If you’re prepping for a summer adventure or relaxing vacation, don’t miss our limited edition travel kits featuring these must-haves stylers. Find them in a Paul Mitchell salon or school near you.  

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